Valve s Steam Deck orders will start rolling out in February – Destructoid

Valve’s Steam Deck orders will start rolling out in February

Steam Deck Verified

The first reservation holders of Valve’s new hardware can start ordering on February 25

It’s just about time for the Steam Deck to start rolling out. On Feb. 25, the first batch of order emails will start going out to reservation holders for Valve’s Steam Deck.

Following up on pre-orders from last year, the emails will go out in batches to those who secured a reservation spot. The first group will get theirs on Feb. 25, with 72 hours to make their purchase before their spot goes to the next person in queue.

First units will then start rolling out on Feb. 28, with new order batches planned to roll out in a weekly cadence. Press units should also start rolling out soon, with an embargo for reviews of the Steam Deck lifting on Feb. 25.

According to Valve’s announcement, invites will roll out around 10 a.m. on Feb. 25, and will be sent in the same order that reservations will made. You can only order the Steam Deck model you originally reserved, and deposits will go towards the final price. (The deposits, for the record, were $5.)

It’s certainly exciting to see this hardware start to roll out. Ever since it was first announced, the idea of a portable Steam machine has been an interesting prospect. It might be easy to see it as a PC version of the Switch, but with the possibility of loading mods and other extras on alongside a stable of games.

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Valve has also been building up the support base for the Steam Deck over the last few months. It introduced the Steam Deck Verified program, where it’s detailing which games are confirmed to be compatible with the Steam Deck and to what extent. It also recently announced Dynamic Cloud Sync, so sleeping your Deck won’t be an issue.

We’ll see how the full handheld comes together later in February.

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