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The Last of Us HBO series won’t air in 2022

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It sounds like 2023 is the likely air date for HBO’s adaptation

The Last of Us adaptation is still underway at HBO. And despite getting some new info on it recently, it looks like we’ll be waiting until next year to see this retelling.

In a new interview with Deadline, HBO chief content officer Casey Bloys says The Last of Us won’t be making it out in 2022.

“It’s not going to air in 2022,” said Bloys. “They are still shooting in Canada. I imagine you will see it in ’23.”

While Bloys did say he’s seen some early episodes and is excited about the project, he reiterates that The Last of Us will not hit HBO in 2022.

It hasn’t been too long since the initial announcement of the adaptation in 2020, so it’s not too much of a surprise. So far, HBO has announced many roles cast, but we’ve only had a glimpse of what’s to come for the series.

With Uncharted debuting soon and other adaptations like Halo right around the corner, hopes might have been high that Joel and Ellie would get their turn soon too. Their journey won’t be showing up on HBO until the new year comes around again, though.

Naughty Dog, meanwhile, has been teasing a bit about what it’s planning for The Last of Us. The studio was staffing up for a standalone multiplayer game last year, and one report indicated that a remake of the original Last of Us was in the works. We’ll hopefully see what’s in store for them, and HBO’s version of Joel and Ellie, soon.

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